For more than ten years, Ideal has been one of Kuwait's recognized experts and main security systems provider in the country. For all your business type, we guarantee to safeguard your property, people, and profits with advanced security solutions backed up by a professional team of highly trained experts.

When seeking electronic security solutions, choosing the best technologies from the right partner can deliver your enhanced operational effectiveness and measurable ROI. At IDEAL, we bring our years of physical and electronic security experience from many organizations with complex security needs (such as: financial institutions, healthcare facilities, transportation and logistics business, property management companies, and institutions of all sizes and security levels), to design, implement, and monitor our clients.

We offer a complete line of advanced security products and professional services to empower businesses to meet their mission-critical security mandates. Our offerings include:

Time Attendance Solutions: 










We are pleased to offer selected complete time & attendance solutions from Suprema.

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometric recognition and identity management solutions, with representation in 133 countries and distribution of over half a million fingerprint products worldwide. Designed for general business and security purposes, including fingerprint OEM modules, live capture and passport solutions, access control devices, time & attendance systems and software, Suprema more than lives up to its name.
We can install, support and provide training for your system administrators and staff.

A complete automated system can reduce a lot of manual input and work involved. With a fingerprint, face recognition, or RFID you can easily automate your time attendance processes. Employee's details are captured when they come in the morning and leave for the day and automatically fed into an attendance software for processing and then passed through to the payroll. Avoid hectic punching by using a fingerprint or face recognition system and save on unclaimed Over Time.

Security maintenance, monitoring & management systems :

In the past, on site security teams were the norm for many businesses. Often, this presented an added management burden and increased expense, especially in situations requiring a 24/7 security presence. Today, organizations can choose IDEAL for monitoring security systems offsite.

IDEAL has been a valued security partner to top-name KUWAITI organizations for more than 8 years. We have the expertise, personnel, and resources to provide expert monitoring of your security systems at single site or multi-site operation. At the beginning of every project, we work with you to understand your organization's operational characteristics and systems to devise appropriate responses to monitoring security issues. Over time, we provide oversight of your security management systems, facilities, and data to ensure that your security approaches evolve as your business does.

Our security services include:
- Security camera surveillance
- Alarm system monitoring
- Physical security information management

Our 8+ years of experience makes us a top choice for managing security systems for operations of all sizes and scopes. IDEAL offers:
- Access control and security system management – We provide expert, offsite monitoring of access to and from facilities via advanced security systems.
- Health Check Monitoring – We respond swiftly to hardware compromise issues ensure that small challenges do not become major problems.
- Secure offsite data storage – We securely store all intelligence gathered from security management systems, access card and CCTV.

Electronic Security Systems: 










Thanks to technology advances, todays enterprises can select comprehensive electronic security systems to safeguard their property, people, and profits. When partnering with Ideal, a security leader for over than eight years, firms gain the best security technologies backed up by a professional team of highly-trained experts.

IDEAL offers the most advanced electronic security solutions, which you can tailor to meet your precise business needs. We can provide access control and alarm monitoring to serve your intrusion detection and physical security requirements. These solutions can protect your perimeter and/or specific high-security areas within your facility. In addition, we offer CCTV systems for visual surveillance and monitoring during known high-threat periods or around the clock. Moreover, we offer an array of professional IT security services, including network design, implementation, and monitoring, to ensure that you can keep your vital electronic systems and data safe from outside threats.

In addition to providing customizable electronic security systems, IDEAL can monitor your systems and provide immediate response in the event of any potential security breach. We can capture data from your access control systems for a running log of who went where and when. These specialized services from recognized industry experts extend the value of your in-house security system and help you avoid the added expense of onsite security management.

When seeking electronic security solutions, choosing the best technologies from the right partner can deliver your enhanced operational effectiveness and measurable ROI. At IDEAL, we bring our years of physical and electronic security experience from many organizations with complex security needs to design, implement, and monitor our clients.

Elevator Access Control System 










Lift I/O is an elevator access control I/O module catered for installations that desire restrictive access to certain floors. This module can be fitted into the elevator and connected to an access control reader. So when the user gets into the lift, only if he places his finger or flashes his card, will he be granted access to that specific floor.

Ideal Information is Suprema official operating and exclusive disturber in the Kuwait State, Suprema is the premier provider of next-generation IP access control and the global leader in biometric access control systems.


CCTV Security Systems and Solutions:

Many organizations need security cameras and monitoring solutions to protect all or part of their physical environment. With a closed circuit television (CCTV) solution from IDEAL, you gain top-quality video surveillance to keep your products, personnel, and facilities safe.

At IDEAL, we can provide our clients with complete, upfront assessments to design and implement the right CCTV setup for each organization's unique business needs. We can help you evaluate key factors that influence deployment of CCTV solutions, such as:

- What do you need the CCTV system to do?
- What level of video retention is required?
- Will your system be monitored or evidentiary in nature?

IDEAL can apply our more than 8 years of security system experience to install the right CCTV cameras where you need them to record what you need, when you need it. In addition, we provide you with training to understand how each camera operates and what its limitations are.

Your system can include a single CCTV camera to a large-scale solution with thousands of networked cameras. All CCTV solutions may include:
- Analog, digital, Internet protocol (IP) and/or megapixel camera technology
- Hi-definition, digital analog
- Critical event monitoring
- Smart video analytics

Whether you are a small, single facility business or have a massive multi-site operation, IDEAL can design and deploy a perfect-fit video surveillance system for your needs. Safeguard your property, team, and products with top-quality CCTV systems from IDEAL .



IDEAL designs and installs audiovisual solutions for executive boardrooms, conference rooms and meeting facilities that help organizations communicate more effectively and efficiently.
Our audiovisual solutions provide all the capabilities needed through the use of various types of display systems (LCD, plasma or projectors), video conferencing systems, integrated audio systems, full room control systems and more. A fully integrated system allows you to increase the effectiveness and impact of meetings and presentations.
IDEAL experience and expertise in this area will help your organization hold briefings, presentations and meetings that will not only impress, but will help increase business and profitability